Looking back and moving forward with Carlos Santana.

By Hans Ebert
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It’s not how he plays it, it’s what he plays. He keeps things to a minimum. Like that sustained one note that goes right through you like a journey to the centre of the earth. It’s like how one picture is worth a thousand words. It’s always been about the simplicity of what he sends out- vibes, love, pictures for the mind.

Guess one can say the same thing about any of the great, especially Rock, guitarists, but there’s still only one Carlos Santana because he’s really in his own sphere. Even when going Pop in 1999 to give his career the commercial boost it needed following advice from Arista label chief and the very influential Clive Davis with “Supernatural”, it was that trademark guitar sound which carried a track like the hit “Smooth”.

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Jay: Hong Kong’s Guitarzan

By Hans Ebert
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Some of us see Jay perform with Jennifer Palor and the band at Adrenaline. The venue that’s a club at Happy Valley racecourse and comes alive every Happy Wednesday.

We’ve also seen him front various bands at the track’s Beer Garden stage. Some good. Some not so good. He can become a sideman. He’s adaptable. Aka versatile. He’s Jay. He’s Guitarzan Jay.

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