By Hans Ebert

It was a track called “Into The Lillywhite” on the album “Mona Bone Jakon”, which, like many of his next few recordings was produced by former bass guitarist with the Yardbirds Paul Samwell Smith, that really introduced me to the work of the artist named Cat Stevens who was born Steven Giorgiou.

I had heard some of his music when with Deram Records- often over-produced and almost bombastic records like “Matthew And Son”, “I Love My Dog” and “I’m Gonna Buy Me A Gun” and the very honest “The First Cut Is The Deepest” written for singer PP Arnold for around thirty quid etc. But it wasn’t until he signed to Chris Blackwell and his co-founders’ then-fledgling Island Records, did I actually start to seek out the music of Cat Stevens.

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Jay: Hong Kong’s Guitarzan

By Hans Ebert

Some of us see Jay perform with Jennifer Palor and the band at Adrenaline. The venue that’s a club at Happy Valley racecourse and comes alive every Happy Wednesday.

We’ve also seen him front various bands at the track’s Beer Garden stage. Some good. Some not so good. He can become a sideman. He’s adaptable. Aka versatile. He’s Jay. He’s Guitarzan Jay.

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