By Hans Ebert
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How long is a ball of string? It’s always something going through my head when around experienced creative types with proven track records and being challenged to think differently. Come up with ideas. It forces one to be at the top of their game. It’s not the time to play a hand with Jack high and pray to hell it’s high enough.

It happened last weekend in Sentosa at a Think Tank session comprising a couple of people in music, a few from technology, others in marketing aka “social media”, and sports and sponsorship marketing and management. No HR people needed. No need for those who have a new idea every nanu second and hope something sticks.

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By Hans Ebert
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Let’s try to make some sense out of all this. Or at least find solutions. We know the problems. One major problem: Unless a (Sir) Lucian Grange, or a Simon Cowell, Jimmy Iovine, Jay-Z, perhaps Daniel Ek- or any of the other big Poohbahs in the music business- and those established artists who were complete unknowns with no direction of home until plucked from obscurity by those with the intuitive A&R skills to hear something special in their music, many very good artists fell through the cracks. Or else didn’t become as big as they should have.The band Low Millions come to mind. And Athlete. Starsailor. Placebo. Moriarty.

So many great talent from Denmark led by Nephew.

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By Hans Ebert

As with love, when it comes to music and finding new homes and futures for it that actually pay for the upkeep, too often we keep going to the same well over and over again and wonder why we’re not an Ed Sheeran, or a Rihanna etc. Well, maybe it’s because there’s no place for variations on a theme or musical copycats unless in one of those cover bands that’s actually trying to be soundalike outfit. Nothing at all against covering music by other artists. Hell, even the first Beatles record was almost made up of covers. And let’s never forget how Chris Cornell made Billie Jean and Nothing Compares 2 U, all his. All it took was a dose of originality.

When it comes to career moves, it’s also about creativity and throwing that net as far as possible and doing some homework. Am certainly not about being a concert promoter and has always been wary of “artist management” in its present incarnation, but because of my days with Universal and EMI Music, longtime contacts get in touch.

The other night, a group of investors from Mainland China got in touch about playing a role in bringing Bollywood to that country along with the type of Judas Priest/Iron Maiden type of heavy guitar-driven hard rock that’s never gone out of fashion in India.