Singer-songwriter Ash Bates and the need for direction in this free-for-all online world

By Hans Ebert

He’s young, unknown, has demos in the can with more and more new originals being written. He has no manager- which could be a blessing- doesn’t really know how to “use” social media- another blessing as this has become The Big Bunkum Theory full…and has much going for him. He just doesn’t know it.

He is singer-songwriter Ash Bates from the UK.

Listening to his introspective songs and warming to his candour and lack of bs, sent off a silent Wake Up call. Even the most jaded music industry guy who often wonders how he could have put up being with, not one, but two majors, sees and hears that certain something in a new talent, wakes up from The Big Sleep and wants to somehow help them develop.

Gawd knows, this doesn’t happen often. But when it does, it’s the catalyst needed to press the Restart button and think about those sold on the DIY world and which very seldom works. There’s nothing like the right teamwork to come along and provide direction, especially in the area of A&R.

The other danger of DIY are the vultures out there with a scam to spin and play Gotcha with these “independents”.

Of course, scams are something that have been plaguing the music business since the days of Alan Freed and payola to all those television karaoke competitions with their ball busting contracts and which have now led to drowning in music streaming and the buying and selling of the online numbers-driven fame game.

Remember the saying, Content Is King? It still is. The problem is too many wanting this content to quickly build up their portfolios. Nothing really wrong with this, but not when ending up with a portfolio of nothing except for doodlers.

Ash Bates doesn’t doodle. His is a natural musical talent, and he has something of substance to say with his songs which are possibly being used to test the waters.

This talent needs help to stand out from all the clutter out there. This will happen. Promise.

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