By Hans Ebert

Inspiration is in short supply these days, and why, often, many of us go looking for it. I know I do and it isn’t necessarily the solution to the problem or the key to the inspiration highway.

Especially during these long days journey into night that often lead nowhere, we still jump on board. There’s always the thinking that this time things might be different.

Forgotten are those potholes in life that one has stepped into knowing they’re just not right- wrong love, toxicity, business with the wrong players, marriages of convenience, and wrong ideas at the wrong time.

More often than not, despite having survived the wars, that burst of inspiration is still missing in action. One possibly needs to have gone through this eureka moment sometime before to know when it knocks on your door again.

It’s like getting married. Back in the day, and not that far ago, one married for all the right reasons.

When, for whatever reason, the relationship fell apart, that initial feeling of falling head over heels in love stays with you.

Others might pass through one’s life, but there’s very rarely a replacement. There might be spare parts, but seldom is there that one binding love. It’s why music is so important to someone like me.

Music is always about the song and the soul around it. There’s an honesty to having written it and you’re attracted and influenced and inspired by everything it’s doing to you.

One good song lasts a lifetime. It lives with you. There’s no need to throw the dice and sing “Luck Be A Lady Tonight” or “The Lady Is A Tramp”. There’s no second guessing music and wondering if she’s going to be a stayer. Once music gets under your skin, you’re hooked. Sinatra sang about it.

Music and the incredible gentleman behind it is what inspired at least me to know more about “McCartney 111” and damn the torpedoes.

Paul McCartney has been inspiring many of us for decades. It of course helps if one has “majored” in Beatleology. But even if one hasn’t, there’s no ignoring everything the man has created and given the world.

Watching the interview below, one is taken on a guided tour of everything that went into the thinking and making of this third record where, like his first two solo records, he did it all- wrote all the songs, played all the instruments, recorded and produced all the vocals. There was no pressure. He had only himself to please.

Of course, one wonders what made him even bother. The man has nothing to prove to anyone except something to himself and because his love of music is something that’s constantly going through his entire being. It’s like living in a parallel universe. And the ease in which McCartney can pluck melodies and bibs and bobs of sound ideas seemingly out of thin air is pretty amazing.

In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon he hummed the short guitar riff that kick started this new record. It was a great riff. Even him casually mentioning why “lockdown” couldn’t be “Rockdown” showed a different mindset at work. Any labour of love is infectious and worthy of respect.

At a time when consumed with a very personal project that’s almost completed and which has triggered off a chain reaction of other smaller projects, the timing of listening to Paul McCartney talk about his latest love affair with music and the new “family” that has come out of his work ethic and process is inspiring stuff.

How he has done what he has shines a light on the different directions open to all of us. It’s then up to us where one might wish to go- and whom with.

When one thinks about everything that he and his other brothers in arms, some of whom are no longer with us, went through and us never ever knowing all that has been left unsaid, it’s a lesson in friendship, inner resolve, creativity, imagination, positivity and inspiration.

And in the end, yes, the love you take is equal to the love you make, and it’s also what one takes and learns from all this.

Thanks, Sir Paul. It’s been a fab lesson in love, life, music and humility.

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