That’s life, that’s entertainment, and there goes Carl Reiner

By Hans Ebert

And now Carl Reiner is gone. Yes, he was 98 and no doubt lived a very full life surrounded by loving family and friends. But when the world loses one of these iconic figures, especially from the world of entertainment- and really think about this word and everything that it’s given and keeps giving the world- all of us lose a little bit of ourselves.

Some chicken soup for the soul is not only missing. It’s gone. And we’ll never have that recipe again.

We’ve lost something or someone who, during our lifetime, made us laugh or cry or feel an emotion. Maybe they helped create a special bond with our parents.

They also touched us with their special brand of magic. You remember exactly when and where it was and how whatever it is that they brought to this wonderful world of entertainment made you feel.

Of course, their life’s work is always here for us to tap into, but there’s also a void.

Whether Prince or Bowie or Chris Cornell or the brilliant Gene Wilder, and now Mr Carl Reiner, at least for me, they each gave me something special. I miss The Waco Kid. I remember the sheer joy of watching The Dick Van Dyke Show. Laughing about those spectacles in the movie “The Jerk” starring Steve Martin and Carl Reiner- spectacles that made consumers go cross-eyed.

Some of these trailblazers, well, many of us probably thought they would live forever. But no one does. And so we steel ourselves and wonder, “Who’s next and how will we take it?”

Each of us kinda knows who might be next. Which great entertainer might be getting ready to leave us. I wonder how I might cope with their passing. Another part of my life will be gone.

Not to sound callous, but ageing world leaders coming and going, I can accept. Most have added nothing to my life. Many have brought about misery. But those leaving us from the world of entertainment…

That’s entertainment and that’s life. It’s often one and the same. It’s magically intertwined. It’s the inspiration and creativity needed to keep us going. We need more of it. Not less.

In Carl Reiner’s Final Interview, He Talked About His Career, Meeting Mel Brooks and God – Variety

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