By Hans Ebert

No one wants to see anyone facing financial problems. Anyone who rejoices in this needs to be kicked out of the human race.

So, while we chant the mantra about how we’re all in this together- there’s no point regurgitating what “this” is- many of us have seen people we know and even friends go through extremely taxing financial times- young entrepreneurs, mature entrepreneurs, new businesses, old businesses, fledgling businesses.

At least in Hong Kong, except for those born with a silver spoon in their mouths and others always used to stirring their tea with a diamond studded spoon and jockeys- those who ride horses and not those churning out beats- money is too tight to mention.

Sure, it’s easy to say that things can only get better. But before singing that “Happy Days Are Here Again”, there’s a need to absorb everything happening around us and create opportunities- new opportunities that require new thinking to put in place new business streams that might be relevant to whatever is awaiting us in the much mentioned “new normal”. The old ways of doing practically anything are over.

Faced with trying to keep the beast of burden at bay while seeing how tourism has been hit so badly and which has a domino effect on the retail sector and the hospitality trade and the trickledown effect this has on smaller businesses, it’s a very loud clarion call to change or, well, perish.

Having said this and talking to the handful of people I know who can see beyond the darkness, they are either cautiously optimistic or even re-energised to embrace that what we’re going through will see a far more streamlined and creative and savvy new world. Let’s not forget that saying about what comes out of chaos.

Of course, opportunities are not going to waltz in without everyone actually going out there, doing their homework and putting to use the experience and life lessons learned, yet being realistic enough to understand that none of this matters anymore.

It’s understanding how these lessons learned could be made to be something more and something new…and how new businesses are dependent on teamwork and strong leadership and intuitively knowing a good and relevant idea when it comes along.

Thinking that anyone is “owed” something shows a naivety bordering on arrogant and desperate entitlement.

It’s about looking at where you are and where you could be without thinking that you’re owed. No one is owed s*it.

If one wasn’t prepared for times like these and believed they could coast along by grabbing onto the coattails of others for another free ride, think again.

Over these past few months, some of us have been “auditioning” candidates who can bring something of relevance to the new tea party. They’re in very short supply. And the more many talk, the quicker that terminal boredom sets in. Oh, please, make it go away…Gimme that garlic necklace…

Meanwhile, those moving forward can now see even more clearly what social media was peddling. They can see who fell for tech speak, and the fake numbers that accompanied the online fame game. That there’s nothing like a healthy dose of reality to keep one grounded and know how and when to talk softly and carry a big stick without having to suffer from premature ejaculation and show your hand.

As Dylan said all those years ago, “He not busy born is busy dyin’.” He also warned about not following leaders and watching your parking meters. He could have been talking about the Pied Piper of Hamlyn.

John Lennon saw how a Nowhere Man and his children of the corn would give rise to The sheeples.

The signs and messages were all out there- and from musical visionaries.

How many picked up on what they were saying? And, by the way, what did you achieve today to help get off the merry go round and start making a difference?

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