Wherefore art thou, Creativity in Hong Kong?

Below is something I had forgotten I had written until someone sent it to me earlier today asking, What’s happening with CreateHK? What is, if anything?

Over a decade ago, Duncan Pescod, the government’s fluffy puffy boy, got on his high horse and announced a GLOBAL search for someone truly world class when it came to creativity and inspiring new local talent. This person was going to head up the uniquely named CreateHK.

We didn’t get Steven Spielberg. We didn’t even get Tori Spelling. We ended up with some bloke named Jerry Liu. “Jer” did his tour of duty and retired a reasonably wealthy man. What had he accomplished? Pretty much squat.

Apparently, CreateHK limps along these days with a new leader. But where is Hong Kong creativity hiding today? Some of the best seen was during the Umbrella Movement and last year’s Season Of Discontent. Before this, one had to look to the local advertising industry of the Eighties, then, Entered The Dragon and, for a couple of years, the movies of Wong Kar-wai and then the Kung Fu Hustle of Stephen Chao.

So while many of us sit around wondering what’s going to happen next and whether we’ll be caught up in another crossfire hurricane, there’s precious little to INSPIRE thinking that’s even outside Victoria Park. It’s more of the same old same old from the usual suspects way past their Use By date.

If our government is too busy to see what creative talent can bring to the table of this “new normal” being bandied about, it’s then time for a new wave of that Indie spirit to come together and rebuild the new Hong Kong.

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