From there to here, but where is the love?

Once upon a time and served on a saucerful of secrets were the Sixties. For a while, it was the Age Of Camelot. There might not have been Merlin, but it was a time full of magic- magic in the form of music the world had never heard before that took listeners on various journeys of discovery and where they might have found themselves or else lost their way and ended up in Itchycoo Park or the Dark Side Of The Moon.

There were wise men who had dreams to bring the world together…and did. The four horsemen of the apocalypse galloped into lives with messages some understood then and whose words only resonate now. Words that asked about all the lonely people and where do they all come from. Words about that Nowhere Man making all his nowhere plans for nobody.

We courted princes and princesses on telephones available only at home and by asking them out on dates- usually a movie in the afternoon or what were known to some of us in Hong Kong as tea dances.

Things became serious when meeting up on a Friday night at a church youth club and waiting for that last slow dance of the night. And once that slow dance became a tight embrace, well, fireworks went off in those tight jeans. It did for me. But those were school years, schoolboy crushes and they still live with us.

A few years later you meet someone who’s not like the rest. Someone who makes your heart ache when not with you. Things work out the first time you hold hands. Sometimes, that’s all that’s needed. Everything else around you fades to black.

You both become one, grow together until baby makes three along with the dog and cat. There are new priorities and love remains though it’s different.

There’s a different type of caring- about parents, about family and always wanting the best for whom you have created together.

Looking back, we didn’t have much, but we did the best with what we had without ever asking for more. We didn’t need more.

As the Beatles sang, Love is all you need. It truly is. But somewhere along the way, this is MIA. This love has kinda disappeared. Love in all its many definitions.

Will this crazy little thing called Love make a comeback? It’s really up to us. And how we might decide to redefine it and embrace it and never let it go.

Just maybe love IS lovelier the second time around.

Maybe this is because one can finally see everything Love can be.

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