By Hans Ebert

Hong Kong has become a strange place. Even stranger than what it’s been since June. Why? Because it’s brought out the creepy crawlies. Not only the “cockroaches” and those malevolent versions of the Joker on both sides of the fence with an absolutely inept Chief Executive standing in the middle of the criss crossfire not knowing which way to turn, but new leeches to this city with new scams to peddle. And they’re spinning so outta control that it’s dangerously funny. Dangerously fake. Dangerously dangerous.

A few nights ago, I bumped into a 50 year old American Chinese lady I had never met before. She was proud to tell me her age. Did I care to know? Hardly. This was at the conveniently located lounge of a hotel next to the Convention Centre. The woman was a pro in The Art Of Big Bollocks. She bombarded me with questions about what I did, who I was doing, who I knew and name dropped more bombs and F bombs than those that rained over Hiroshima and Pearl Harbour.

I was uncomfortably polite until eventually managing to escape. That she managed to hijack my time standing there drinking a glass of warm water for almost three hours while scanning the room to find other targets was quite a masterful display in playing her deck of facts from fiction and quick-fire networking. It was online scamming taking place in real time.

A few days later, she appeared on my Facebook page stream. I had forgotten she was fidgeting with my iPhone and had punched in her contact number and gone through my apps.

There she was on Facebook confronting the police- waving a flag- and her name, of course- in a transparent attempt at being seen as some cartoonish “figure of the people”. This, the same person who had mentioned a few days earlier about needing funding for her charity and seen on Facebook posing next to designer brand shops.

As for her Long March on Facebook, this ended with the police having better things to do with their time and which then had “Joan Of Arc” feign a fall for the cameras. It was award winning stuff.

On Monday, there she was at the same hotel lounge asking if I had seen her theatrics. Apparently it had landed her on the front page of the AWSJ. I must have seen it, she insisted. Realising that this fish wasn’t biting and had tuned out came the mention how she was here to meet “executives from HSBC”. And?

Someone showed up. And in the midst of regaling this gentleman with a torrent of her usual cuss words came the terminal name droppings- Obama, CNN, BBC, how she was an American citizen, how she was “lawyered up”, the army of lawyers protecting her…

I had to leave. The bullshit quotient had reached its level of tired acceptance many minutes earlier.

It’s against the backdrop of a very divisive Hong Kong under siege from various quarters at home and on ground zero are highly experienced opportunists from overseas working all sides for profit and gain and where no one is quite who they seem. Not those “activist” leaders being led through private overseas funding. And certainly not the wooly one in sheep’s clothing.

This is where those, like the self-promotional guru mentioned above is ready to “be like water”, and be anything and anyone that’s going to get her those fifteen minutes of fame have quickly part of the karma chameleon dance.

As George Harrison warned decades ago, Beware Of Darkness. And as John Lennon sang, Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey.

Be careful out there.

#HKprotests #scamartists #fraud #lies #hongkong

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