By Hans Ebert

Hong Kong is no longer known for its shopping, the Star Ferry and a boys night out in Wanchai. Something quite magical happened here last night- The Hongkong Way- a dazzling light show of hands forming a human chain of positivity that wound itself through the city and all the way up to Lion’s Rock.

One doubts that Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam was part of this human chain of enlightenment.

After weeks and months of seeing seemingly anything and everything thrown against the wall to see what might stick- everything from a peaceful demonstration against the now pretty much dead in the water Extradition Bill to the perfunctory “lectures” to her “children” by “Mummy Dearest”, which was the trigger and invitation to pockets of mob rule by thugs in different coloured t-shirts, the radical step of bringing Hong Kong to a standstill by protesters occupying the airport and disrupting travel- not their smartest marketing strategy- outbreaks of the Blame Game played out on all sides- the protesters, the police, the public, the Hong Kong government, the pro-Beijing groups, the anti-government forces, foreign countries needing to have their say and a Chief Executive with nothing relevant to offer and past her Use By date- how #Hongkongway came together has shone a very positive light on Hong Kong and its people.

It’s shown that Hong Kong doesn’t need any support from foreign powers, especially America and The Donald. No one does.

America and the befuddled old man they elected king have their own problems. Many many “bigly” problems including an epidemic of random acts of violence such as shooting rampages, immigration problems, an ongoing trade war with China and tweets from The Donald that are becoming increasingly more delusional every day.

Hong Kong’s young protesters don’t need to sing “The Star Spangled Banner”. Hong Kong already has the musical messages of Beyond and LMF.

This very creative generation of young Hong Kongers should be creating its own new music relevant to what is happening in the city today.

As for their idea of creating a human chain standing hand in hand and lighting the way towards positivity, it’s something that has resonated throughout the world.

It’s been an inspirational moment in the history of the world- a world that’s got lost along the way, often through too much clutter.

The Hongkong Way has been a political game changer without the politics. All that was needed was human resolve and inspiration.

The big question is this: Where to now? How will the leaders in Beijing accept this?

Of course, they’re never going to give Hong Kong total independence, but, pun intended, perhaps they’ve seen the light. Perhaps they see there’s a way to meet some of the demands without losing that very important thing called “face”. One lives in hope. Sometimes, it’s all we have.

Perhaps everyone involved in what has often been a series of confusing #hashtag moments, conflicting online reportage that’s created divisiveness and pessimism hanging over the city, Hong Kong finally sees a way forward that will lead to solutions where common sense must prevail.

This cannot happen with more empty words and more blah blahs from Carrie Lam. She’s shown herself to the world as being an incompetent leader.

No matter what Beijing might say about “standing behind her”, there’s a very strong feeling that she has been kept on to “pay penance” for her sins and crimes against Hong Kong.

Though Carrie Lam can’t be allowed to slither away after the chaos she’s helped create, what happened last night did much to erase weeks and months of turmoil and almost terminal negativity.

The #HongkongWay has forced Hong Kong to reinvent itself- by itself and for itself.

Peaceful protests always speak louder than words and screaming over everyone else to be heard.

Today, there should be a new Hong Kong spirit. It’s something for us living here to embrace and turn this city into a beacon of positive change for all the world to see.

That light at the end of the tunnel is shining brightly. Don’t let it fade. Certainly not after getting this far.

#hongkongway #hongkong #hkprotests #carrielam #donaldtrump

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