By Hans Ebert
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There’s plenty of jargon flying around about the future of music. Maybe there’s always been. But never to this extent. Pretentious jargon? B-o-r-i-n-g?

Having grown up reading the world’s first Rock writers like Dave Marsh, Greil Marcus, Nick Tosches, Lester Bangs, Nick Kent, Charles Shaar Murray, that kid Cameron Crowe, The Lennon Interview by Jann Wenner, below etc, we were taken INTO the music that grabbed us by the ears, the mind and wherever else.

Through them, we were inspired to IMAGINE what the words were saying. This is so key to understand as these visuals gave music a ‘look’, a face and created a story in one’s minds eyes.

The Beatles didn’t make music videos. They made experimental short movies. They were pushing the boundaries of creativity- not with jargon, but inviting us in to wherever they were going. We were all Alice and being taken down the rabbit hole to see who and what was there.

All this created something completely missing from many of the essays written today about music where one needs a dictionary and thesaurus to understand the gist of what’s being said and which often misses the point because there’s no mention of EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT.

Maybe this is the real problem when it comes to really and honestly appreciating music today: No emotional attachment. And like any relationship that’s void of this, it becomes discardable. Opportunities are lost.

So, one can pontificate until the cows come home about “sharing” and “communities” and vinyl and how there are “listeners” and there are “collectors” and barbarians at the gates of dawn, but technology CANNOT give you that EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT which brings you so close to music- even one track, or one note or whatever makes you support and follow those who have given you a personal relationship with them AND their music.

There might be “more music than ever before”, but what does this actually mean? It’s easy to say. It’s more jargon.

Personally, give me a true original whether it be a Jerry Wexler or Tom Dowd or Gus Dudgeon or George Martin- those music pioneers behind the scenes and behind the control panels who gave us the artists who live with us forever. Why? There was and is an emotional attachment.

He Coined the Term “Rhythm and Blues” – Jewish Currents

We love them for what they’ve been through to give us that something that gets under our skin. This is the very essence of MUSIC.

Music is not a science. It’s not psychobabble. It’s not being swept along with the mindless streaming of music. Music is a feeling. It’s not jargon. Why don’t so many who see themselves as innovators and game changers and industry leaders understand this?

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