By Hans Ebert
Visit: www.hans-ebert.com

“No, man, please. I really don’t wanna see it or talk about it.” It was a friend telling another friend about something or another he had found on someone we vaguely know on social media. Why did it matter? “But the huge numbers here are bullsh*t”, continued the other friend. “They’re not legit. They’re all private accounts with no previous posts!” Why did this matter?

I sat there and thought about that saying how there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Remember that? These days?

Maybe too many of us have way too much time on our hands and which is why we continue to feed the social media beast.

How many really care about The Mueller Report? More to the point, how many have even heard of Robert Mueller?

Is anyone really surprised anymore by anything Fat Orange in the White House does or say? It’s all par for the course. It’s old shtick. He knows his audience and he’s feeding them what they want to hear.

Most of his “base” wouldn’t even know what “collusion” means. They don’t understand why their leader and the guy running Russia and Putin on the ritz can’t be friends.

They are only wanting to believe that here is someone who’s going to make America Great Again so they have enough money to put food on the table for their families. That’s it.

It’s many of us who complicate things by going into areas that have zero relevance as to how we come out at the other end. It’s not having an Exit Plan.

For way too many years, we- and businesses- have been bedazzled by Information Overload. It has made us take the eye off the ball. And the priorities in life. Information Overload has also often tripped us up.

We’ve not seen the tell tale signs that’s led to many of being taken for a ride.

It’s businesses desperately wanting to be seen as new when those old principles are more relevant than ever. Just ask Don Draper.

Having been laid up in bed for the past few days with a severe chest infection, unable to have visitors, and only able to stomach a bowl of wonton noodles, it’s given me the time for some long overdue internalisation. Thinking of what are MY priorities. Who’s Shuck, who’s Jive and who’s really going to be there for you at third base to bring you home.

With sleep patterns in complete disarray and Melatonin pills helping me to switch off and slip away into that other world- that parallel universe and where I am always only with her. My Guinevere.

As the song says, “You can run, but you can’t hide”, and when it comes to matters of the heart, Accept No Substitute. That’s just wasting time on the killing floor.

And so, it’s about moving on. Into the real world. Surely, once here, it’s about distilling everything into who and what matters? And not allowing in the strays and clutter.

Sometimes falling ill is the best cure of all.

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