By Hans Ebert
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It’s about time management. But more about timing. Add to this what really inspires and motivates you to go out on a limb- and when- but with calculated thinking. Does the money matter? Money always matters. But there comes a time when it’s about “breaking from those chains that bind”. Leaving the Church Of Stupidity.

It’s like a marriage. If it’s not working out despite all the counselling and promises, it’s, yes, time. to move on. Time To Say Goodbye. Andreas Bocelli is singing about it right now.

Same with any business, especially the creative business.

Think of all the stories of starving artists- the musicians who keep going because they believe in themselves and what they’re doing- and game changers like Steve Jobs and others who had an idea, and with their internal clock saying, ding dong, it’s time.

Time to Just Do It. Not impetuously, but with all those ducks in a row.

Though certainly not a global game changer, but being a Hong Kong Belonger, over the past few years, there’s been a laziness to just coast. To hang in there despite being suffocated by red tape, transparent politics and mediocre everything that, more often than not, quashes creativity.

One accepts all this in order to keep getting that cheque at the end of the month. To become another order taker. Right?

Yes, this is apparently “business” and how it works. But is this living life to the full with mortality staring you in the face and giving something back to the world we were born into by using whatever talents we have to bring about change? To make things better?

Right here and now, most of Hong Kong- and, no doubt, elsewhere- is coasting. Or trying to make ends meet.

Mainly, however, it’s old schoolers who have made their fortunes and are not bothered about words like “change” while refusing to understand the current generation. They could, but they don’t want to. Not really.

Sure, there are mewing sounds to the media about how “different” their thinking is and to look at all the good stuff they’re doing. But this good stuff is smoke and mirrors and living in the land of make believe. It’s irrelevant kaka. There’s a lot of kaka in Hong Kong. Even a horse named Spicy Kaka. I know.

To the media, all this is just fodder that will be forgotten tomorrow. It’s how the world turns today- and vastly different to 3-4 years ago because, well, everyone is 3-4 years older. And a few, having gobbled smart pills and seeing through the illusions of Lego type Game Of Thrones.

Few understand this: That the smart “young person” can see right through the fakery and what the final objective is- and which is always about selling them something.

Just like once being told not to trust anyone over 30, today, there’s that same restless spirit combined with suspicion and cynicism. Sometimes this cynicism needs to be tempered so there’s a road that leads to positive changes.

Other times it’s about gut instincts. Knowing that just “coasting” is leading nowhere other than a dead end. Seeing just how miserable the Coasters are, but who are still willing to turn the other cheek and take the abuse hurled their way in order to have that thing called “financial security”. Guess this is what separates the Doers from The Duds.

Some do, most can’t. So they do all they can to fit in and be invisible. Invisible is good. It means no accountability. And no accountability means corporate survival and the freedom to do, well, nothing. Or perhaps even quietly start a small business. It’s wanting to be a junior Ray Croc. Or a Li Ka-shing, but without the Byzantine empire.

When in advertising, some of us always wondered why a certain junior copywriter was always the first one in the office. He had opened a pizza business with orders for breakfast and lunch placed through the ad agency’s fax machine.

When this side business was discovered, his comeback was a classic: Free pizzas for the agency once a week with all the toppings. At least it showed entrepreneurial thinking.

This is a roundabout way of leading to a multimedia product called Mix. The idea is to showcase the new Indie Spirit of Hong Kong.

This is much more than struggling “underground” bands in their forties trying to find venues where to perform.

That’s the past and that party is an old and lonely one.

Music is a small slice of a much bigger cake. At least it has to be in Hong Kong which is not exactly The House Of Blues. It is what it is…and which is what it was many decades ago.

It’s everything about Hong Kong Bruce Lee tried to change. Maybe he got too close to making that happen.

This Mix is a very different Mix. Different ingredients. A far more diverse product. And trying to bring together a creative Made In Hong Kong community spirit.

It might fly. It might tank. But it’s better than being put in a box and fed cheesy bits by those scared that the Book Of Revelations might soon be out and their pock marks are finally revealed.

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