Why he’s (Greg) Miles ahead of the rest

By Hans Ebert
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Listening to many in the land Down Under given the task of interviewing trainers and jockeys about the chances of their rides and runners often fills some of us with a combination of embarrassment and terminal cringing.

This has to do with that very loud sound of desperation- slobbering, salivating and basic sucking up. Add begging into the mix.

And then there’s Greg Miles and his Trainers Talk segment on RSN. It’s all there. The professionalism that made him the best race caller in Australia- and, at least to us, the world. It brings a sense of, well, class to horse racing, something so desperately lacking in those usual suspects tweeting through their pockets. The supposed “racing fans”. Please.

Greg Miles’ interviews are conversational. They don’t put anyone on the spot. They really leave it up to listeners to make up their own minds as to what’s truth and what’s fiction. And what’s Weir and what’s just weird and hazy.

He doesn’t force the issue which often results in Trainer Shrinkage, sudden brain freeze and quite possibly thinking, “Why the hell should I tell you?”

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