By Hans Ebert

It’s about sheeple. Gawd knows where we took the wrong turn, but we did and all individuality and independent thinking has gone out the window.

It’s now all about conforming, but this new “conforming” has to do with aimlessly following some invisible Pied Piper of Hamlyn who’s taking us everywhere and nowhere. It’s like an old Jeff Beck hit called “Hi Ho Silver Lining.” “You’re everywhere and nowhere, baby, where did you go?” I really don’t know.

It’s become a chore to find people one wants to be around, let alone work with to create The New. Everywhere, and no matter where one travels, it’s listening to those who say they “get you”- but they don’t- and others who blabber on while you order another drink and try to numb the pain of listening to, well, stuff. Irrelevant stuff. But it’s the only stuff around.

Has it been THIS long since the last meaningful “relationship” though it was more a perverse pleasure that made “Eyes Wide Shut” look like Nicole Kidman re-telling the story of Bambi? Probably. It was just another eggplant in the wall and some form of escapism which became an addictive, dysfunctional and dangerous relationship fuelled by wanting more. This “more” was never enough. It still isn’t. It’s a 6. Max.

It makes one think about the sudden suicides this year of so many in the creative community. Was it coming to that point when thinking everything had been done and there was nothing new ahead? That it was time to check out and enter The Big Sleep?

Mind snap can happen without knowing what the trigger to the gun is. It creeps up on you when least expected.

Everyone has their personal journeys, but this one has been tough going because nothing is making sense these days and no matter how much you think it will, tomorrow will be another day of just killing time before time kills you. The countdown has begun and you actually wish that the final bell tolls right now. It’s boring as hell out there.

From being able to tolerate fake marriages of convenience and falling into relationships for security and being stuck there despite knowing it was crippling, today there’s the escapism of running into the open arms of 24/7 social media.

“Social” media? Really? When all these data driven platforms have made many of us slaves to technology and moved us so far away from the real world that it’s all become as gloomy as Lennon singing “I’m So Tired” and “Isolation”. Lennon probably saw it coming. George Harrison probably saw the flip side of the coin in “Here Comes The Sun”.

I met someone for the first time last night. The first thing they mentioned was being disappointed in Hong Kong. But they didn’t enjoy their life in Sydney or Melbourne either. The more we talked, what was scarily real was that the more one travels, the less one knows and how we’re surrounded by way too many who feed off and spew forth Wikipedia and Google knowledge and live in this online world offering false fame and the illusion of reality. It’s really not the place to be.

The smart phone has dumbed us down. We talk but we don’t meet. And if we don’t meet in person how on earth can anything be more than what it is right now? Like life.

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