By Hans Ebert

It’s really a question of what more one can say about NOW TV except perhaps, cancel my subscription?

After months of first trying to reach a human on their “24 Hour Customer Hotline Service”, which is always busy before Ground Control finally reaching a Major Tom, and being given instructions such as unplugging my modem and then switching the television back on- this was an exercise in futility- to then having Team NOWTV actually visit my apartment and give both television sets a complete overhaul, everything began to hum and purr perfectly…for around a month.

Alas, everything has fallen apart again with constant interruptions to the ‘live’ coverage of the World Cup matches and Channel 668, which carries the ‘live’ horse racing. Not fun to a viewer.

No, I am not going to bother trying to reach a human by calling the “24 Hour Customer Hotline”. But if someone at PCCW with any real power to bring about positive change reads this, help? Thanks.


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