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Only a year ago, I would glance at what the SCMP columnists were writing about purely out of curiosity. Nice enough people, but, to be honest, lightweight writers.

I watched Michael Chugani talk all over his guests on the news programme he hosted on TVB Pearl. The name escapes me, but there was a certain wackiness to it, especially when the pretentious Michael Tien would appear and try to come across as coolness personified.

Please, Michael, stop being what you’re not and never will be. The two Michaels together? Funnier than the Two Ronnies.

These days? I’m probably one of the few subscribers to the SCMP as an actual newspaper that’s delivered to my doorstep. But just glancing at the front and sports pages mean that reading the newspaper is just a waste of time and money. Everything I need to know is on online, and, honestly, just how relevant and credible are the columnists? This once great newspaper, together with the Bangkok Post, is totally irrelevant today. It’s kitty litter.

Frankly, most of Hong Kong today is kitty litter and the government better face up to the fact that what’s ailing this city are not pseudo politicians with absolutely no first hand knowledge of being in Beijing when the tanks rolled into Tianamen. What’s really ailing Hong Kong is f***ing boredom.

We, them, all of us have too much time on our hands and with bugger all to do. It’s like a song: Where Did The Good Times Go. This is what’s REALLY pissing off Hong Kong: the downright boredom that’s engulfed the city like a rolling stone with no direction of home.

Where did the Fun People go? What happened to everything that made Hong Kong great?

This is what our Chief Executive and her Yes, Ministers must understand instead of just blowing vacuous air bubbles in the direction of the same old usual suspects who even though in their death throes are still Oliver Twisted and wanting more.

Carrie, you’re not getting it. You need to help Hong Kong get its mojo back.

What, for example, happened to waking up every day and being filled with optimism and new challenges and motivating over the hill like a Chuck Berry song? Carrie?

What happened to those legendary long lunches, in my case with jockeys and trainers, and which started at noon at places like Wyndham Street Thai, the Dickens Bar or California in LKF and ended up at 2am at TOTT’s in the Excelsior Hotel?

Where’s all the ‘live’ music gone? Relegated to hotel lounges or else the same old names only now older and recycling everything that’s come before?

Today? Today one wakes up and wonders what the hell to do other than taking off to Amsterdam and just letting go and inhaling the good stuff. It beats the hell outta wondering how long one can stretch out a long lunch with the dumbed down before keeling over through terminal boredom?

What happened to having the smarts- the days, afternoons and nights out at Club BBoss which would have made Caliguela proud? The wonderful women who became partners for years? The clever conversations? The excitement and positivity that made Hong Kong rattle and hum?

What does one hear today? Who’s zooming whom, the difficulties of keeping one’s head above water, doing business to break even because trying to make a success of business is impossible unless one sells their soul to the dark lord of money laundering and women who come with a price tag attached to their asses.

Where’s all the good stuff? Where’s the inspiration to create? Please, let’s not talk about CreateHK and how the creative community were bamboozled and tax payers had to foot the bill for a complete failure. For almost eight years.

Carrie? Done your homework?

Hong Kong today is an angry city because it knows that it can be much more than it is. But for this to happen it needs real leadership, far less preaching to the converted and directing everything at those who really don’t have the best interests of Hong Kong at heart despite all the amateur politics, handwringing and very naive thinking with much ado about nothing.

It’s all become embarrassing. We’re being conned from all sides. It’s all going to end in tears for the very simple reason that there is a confidence crisis- and not a confidence crisis many think. It’s going to be something far worse.

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