By Hans Ebert

I really needed this. And it came in through the bathroom window. It’s again about the power of music to take you somewhere else where only you know exists somewhere in your mind. But the songs of Paul McCartney, with often more than a little help from his friends, especially John, are magical and spiritual. They’re uplifting and positive and where, yes, all you need is love and to know that in your hour of darkness, mother Mary will come to you saying, Let it be, let it be.

We’ve lost our way in recent times, but this little Carpool Karaoke video with James Corden brings it all back home- the innocence, first love, real love, friendship, friends taken away from us, memories and knowing that everything is possible. It’s up to us to know which door to open and go through.

The songs are a trip. It’s about life being an adventure. It’s Alice In Wonderland and Willie Wonka. And Paul- Sir Paul- still playing his Hofner bass. The rest of what is going around us? Who cares? For twenty minutes it’s not all about you and me, but about us.

Screw the ego turns and power plays. Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged- and which is that place and when we once knew how to get there. That long and winding road that always leads me home and the many times I’ve been alone and the many times I’ve cried. And still they lead me back to your door.

How did Paul know? How did he know us so well? Probably because he’s just like you and me when it comes to getting in touch with one’s inner self. He’s actually singing what we’re thinking. He’s singing to himself and we’re joining in. We’re joining the dots.

Do I want to work? Not really. Do I need to work? Only if the environment is conducive to creativity. As long as I can write my silly love songs. As long as I can distance myself from negativity and those living in their shallow and sleepy hollow lives thinking no one can see right through them and the great hypocrisies of life.

A few of us lost a very good friend recently. He slipped away during one of those golden slumbers. Though we might have lost friends before, this one has hit us badly. Maybe it’s because it’s a reminder of our own mortality. But how we can’t wallow in sadness. It’s what this video is all about. A now 76 year old musician who’s getting on with life. Continuing to create. Creating with new musicians. Never too precious to take a backseat role and allow others to shine. It’s called confidence with no place for insecurities and ego turns.

Who needs this negativity? But we all need this video. It’s the best happy pill and therapy around.

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