Remember Babs singing about People needing people? What happened?

By Hans Ebert

The problem with today is that everything is so immediate that nothing really matters. There’s no lasting power. It’s a dangerous time to be alive because not many appreciate being alive. Life has become a buffet- sampling everything but still being hungry for more when often there’s nothing more. And it’s this hunger to be constantly fed clutter that has made so many lose sense of priorities and in the process left feeling lost and restless.

When minds snap through feeling lost and restless, they go hunting for anything to feed this addiction. We read everyday what this voracious appetite to feel something leads to and the mad aftermath of it all. But by then, it’s too late.

Look at the eyes of those who who pulled the trigger or, more likely, the trigger pulled them, and it’s a vacant look once only seen in movies like “A Clockwork Orange”. But Agent Orange and real life Droogs are now walking amongst us. Some may be Droogs in training? Who’s to know? None of us really know anything. Google and Wikipedia can only fill heads with information, but with no precautions and information on the dangers of over dosage.

It’s there to be seen every day in all social media platforms. These are not kids. These are adults bashing away at things about which they have no control or power to change. But, like Kathy Bates’ character in “Misery”, they aim for the knees and bash. Over and over again. And then they feign indignation at some new terror that has struck the world.

A day ago on in the background was one those racing and sports radio channels from the land down under. The excitable chihuahua co-host was making huffing and puffing sounds about Royal Ascot Week. How six races a day was too little. As the barking mad chihuahua breathlessly put it, “We’re only getting ready for the QUADDIE!”

The man is a goon. Enthusiasm and being an intellectual midget are two very different things. It’s as stupid as having messages saying, “Gamble responsibly”‘and then offering up a Tony Montana size tray of betting options. Relentlessly and with glee. The hypocrisy is nauseating. Sickening.

As for six high quality races every day for five successive days featuring some of the best riders and equine talent in the world is hardly too little. And when one factors in time differences and switching channels from horse racing to the World Cup to cricket, that’s overload. Way too much of everything with most of it actually being nothing to get excited about. But we’ve been programmed to thinking that it is. As Lennon sang, It’s nothing to get hung about.

Frankly, before the third race of Day 2 at Royal Ascot, I was bored shitless. I had seen what the Queen was wearing. It was nice. I casually watched a few races while talking to a friend on the phone. After that, it was around 11pm in Hong Kong. And now what?

While Royal Ascot flickered in the background, I started writing down some thoughts. About how many of our parents married for life and maybe some love and grew old together. A very big difference to online dating sites, love me Tinder and looking for love in all the wrong places, but with many still going there because unless if with the one who really matters, there’s nowhere else to go.

Progress is a multi-headed beast and all this unsocial social media has made many of us more lonely than ever. The problem is that we find every possible reason not to change things around. Just “go with the flow” and one might end up going nowhere and ending up washed up on the shore. Alone.

Thankfully, slowly, and perhaps even in a rush to get far away from all those genies that have been unleashed, more and more are switching off and holding up the crucifix whenever mindless distractions come calling.

Suddenly social media is being used sparingly. Like Babs Streisand sang all those years ago, there’s the realisation that it’s all about people needing people.

And if some don’t subscribe to this old new way of thinking, well, to each their own. At least we’ve returned to some form of original thinking.

Dedicated to the memory of Kevin Egan

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