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Gawd knows where we went wrong, but we went wrong and many are still going wrong because they really think everything is going alright. Oh, but it’s not.

She is definitely not without her faults, but my daughter is grounded enough to know fact from fiction and has done extremely well for herself in the real world. She’s never yearned for fame, but has been successful with what she has achieved- tangibles and not this time wasting exercise of buying the illusion of fame- through hard work.

Through some divine intervention she missed being caught up in the tsunami of social media and the havoc it’s created in minds open to manipulation. Mercifully, she learned her life lessons in the real world, and through trial and error and living out those deadly teen years during which time her mother and I also learned more about ourselves without knowing it. But even those rebellious years were not what we have now- this age of entitlement, but even those old enough to know better learning from the book of Wikipedia, the algorithms of Google, the often triviality of Twitter and believing everything everything someone posts on Facebook. Has the world regressed to this level of naivety? And stupidity?

Other than being a photo album, I also really don’t understand why people even use Instagram. What purpose does it serve other than rabid often photoshopped self promotion and people seemingly working out 24/7. What a life it is getting to Buffdom.

If a company or organisation or perhaps even a celebrity, there’s a need to be in the public eye and promote your brand even if this brand might be you. Ask Kanye. But if someone with nothing much happening in their life, is being on social media going to open new doors? Guess there’s always a chance. Nothing to lose. But what I have seen happen too much is when the tail wags the dog and minds become slaves to technology and addicted to what these data driven platforms are telling you what to do to gain more of everything when it’s all to do with what THEY want and gain- financially.

Last week was spent with a former colleague in a music company and the communications team working under her. What was a revelation was that these were extremely savvy individuals- not cynical nor caustic, but knowledgeable enough to know that the runaway social media fame train has taken- and is taking- many over the precipice.

Instead of actually creating tangible products or content or whatever one might wish to call it, the warped priority for those lost in the fame game is to try and paint this false picture of success. But things have changed and are changing so rapidly that it’s becoming increasingly easy to see when and where the numbers don’t make sense and even when accounts are created to supposedly show popularity, but instead only reveal either human insecurities or, let’s be very frank here, a lack of talent. It’s embarrassing when one knows the people. But…

The problem for those who have been around or have worked with real talent is having to lower one’s standards in order to, well, keep the peace. This wasn’t how it was not that long ago when we strived for the very best and fought for our ideas. We also found nothing wrong in admitting when we were wrong. There was no need for being defensive. Or having a good old sulk. There were plenty of other ideas where one might have come from, but which never saw the light of day.

Some of us were advertising Mad Men. Others were drawn to the decadence of Californication. Some of us formed bands, wrote songs on real instruments and knowing that really “making it” wouldn’t be easy. But that it would be a trip getting. We met, dated and fell in love. It wasn’t random online searches for immediate company with gypsies, tramps and thieves.

Where are today’s ideas people? Are they busy creating or have they lost their way and given up? Is this the reason for diving headfirst into false fame and actually believing all those false figures of “likes” and “views” and “followers” that have been BOUGHT are REAL?

Where some of us have gone very wrong is in accepting what we intuitively knew and know to be wrong and/or not up to standard.

Why did we? Had and have we given up? Are we just wanting to slow down and just glide through life without making waves as the beach isn’t attractive enough to worry about? But then why bother hitching a ride on this train to nowhere anyway? Because this is the best that is available?

Couldn’t one make a difference by creating whatever is missing? Isn’t this what’s called progress as opposed to putting the hand brakes on and just accepting everything that comes one’s way or being just too tired and bored to be a Beastie Boy and fight for your rights- fight for what you believed to be right instead of just accepting what you knew to be wrong because that’s just how it is these days?

Stop following. Lead. Stop being used by those whose business model it is to use others.

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