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There’s been Tom Quealy and Frankel, Luke Nolan and Black Caviar and today there’s Hugh Bowman and Winx. Not to take anything away from the other partnerships, but in this modern era of horse racing, there’s something magical about Team Winx Bowman.

With a very engaging group of owners who really seem sincere about sharing their joy every time their mighty mare gives her opponents whiplash and probably an inferiority complex, and a trainer in Chris Waller who, try as he might, can never hide his emotions, and which is great to see, Hugh Bowman and Winx are Hepburn and Tracy, Bogart and Bacall, Bonnie and Clyde, William and Kate, BeyoncΓ© and Jay-Z…

Though not easily impressed by many, I’m a fan of Winxmania. My apartment in Hong Kong is becoming a shrine. It’s not going down well with some ladies, but, hey, deal with it.

Hugh Bowman has always reminded me of a gunslinger who’s seen it all and takes everything in his stride. He’s in a good place and he knows it. He’s Gary Cooper, Clint Eastwood and Batman and exudes the same laid back confidence as that lady in his life other than one of my favourite people in wife Christine. And when the dam does break, we can understand that making anything look easy can be bloody hard work.

We’ve seen and continue to see some very good riders. But, possibly with the exception of Japan’s great Yutake Take, has anyone won over so many for so long, which is not to say that The Huge One is old? He exudes experience. He’s also a darn nice guy. Down to earth. Grounded. The genuine article. The real deal.

Even before his partnership with Winx, he was the one other jockeys in Australia spoke of with great respect. And then came that opportunity to ride Winx. Did Hugh Bowman know where this might lead? Did anyone after the galloper came second in the 2015 Australian Oaks when ridden by Joao Moreira? Sometimes even magic men run out of rabbits and a nudge is as good as a Winx.

Forget whether Winx is named “The Best Horse In The World.” Forget about whether she races at Royal Ascot or not. Just enjoy the ride in the here and now.

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