By Hans Ebert

It’s so easy to do this that one does it without thinking: Pressing that ‘like’ button on social media. We’ve all been guilty of it at one time or another, but it really must be reined in if we’re ever going to return to being selective about things and people. It’s very much part of trying to put the indiscriminate genie of social media back in the bottle and try to get our priorities right again. And stop talking emoji while at it.

We’ve been lost for far too long and the visual below really hit home with a mighty thud about dating, love, relationships, the lack of trust, the addiction to materialism and mainly a loss of focus and understanding of life’s priorities.

Evolution has become regression because of what could be called the rise of The Nowhere People- all those lonely people on online dating sites and apps, on Instagram, Facebook, on Twitter, shamelessly promoting themselves with nary a thought that many today speak from both sides of their mouths. It’s called hypocrisy.

No, we really don’t give a damn what you’re eating. We don’t care about your happy snaps or horrible efforts to make music of any relevance. But because of some misguided social media “rule” to support those one has met in the real world, or those with whom one has become “friends” with in the online world, there’s this dangerous habit to “like” whatever it is they post no matter how asinine this might be.

What this does is promote mediocrity to a point where no one knows what’s good and what’s not. It’s a free for all of random nothingness that makes Andy Warhol’s prediction that in the future everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame look like an epic journey.

In today’s world, fame has been reduced to a worthless commodity that can be bought and sold and is as worthless as a hashtag. And it’s addicted all ages for no real reason.

Gawd knows this lack of caring has already created a culture where the Peter Principle lives in the online world with vapid talent believing that a hundred or even a thousand “likes” is equivalent to a Sally Fields Oscar moment. It’s not.

Random “likes”, like the number of “followers” and “views” is offering false hope. It’s making too many get ahead of themselves thinking they’ve “made the grade” when they’re still in the kindergarten and with a long ways to go before graduating to secondary school.

Tolerating egos completely outta whack and liberally handing out titles to people knowing full well that they fall way short of being able to do their jobs effectively simply promotes incompetence. And as long as incompetence is in place, nothing of any significance goes anywhere. If anything, it stunts growth and has created a blurred world where no one really believes anything and certainly shouldn’t believe everything they read.

Unfortunately, many do and which is why a twittering President is in the White House with his finger twitching like a trigger on the gun of the kaboom button.

It’s the same with music. A few months ago while wondering what the hell I was doing on Facebook, I asked a friend if they had really liked a video that had been uploaded by a still very much struggling chanteuse. Her embarrassed reply: “Actually, I never listened to it. I felt sorry for her so I just pressed the ‘like’ button.”

After asking if this was the right thing to do, and how, if we’re trying to raise the standard of music, and even before that, looking at the priorities of life and supporting these by dismissing and totally ignoring the clutter, my friend agreed that we’ve lost our way when it comes to being honest with our feelings and how social media actually propagates dishonesty by avoiding reality.

Social media really is a hiding place for honesty and dishonesty and self-serving agendas because there’s a distance between all of this and the real world. It joins the fakery behind television singing competitions and the unreality of scripted “reality” series.

Forget about “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. Ever sat through an episode of “WAGS” or anything with housewives from anywhere?

How the hell have we reached such a low ebb? And why is it tolerated? Is Kylie Jenner having a baby “news”? Again, more clutter. But does anyone care to do something about it?

Some of us remember Nancy Reagan and her Just Say No anti drug campaign, Tipper Gore going after Rap music and, whether we agreed with them or not, others who believed in creating what to them would be a safer and better world for the next generation made things actually HAPPEN.

Today, there’s free access to pornography, online hate groups, online “help” to communicate with fragile minds and which has resulted in mass shootings, acts of terrorism, rapes, and every other ill affecting society. Who and what’s going to stop any of this? A hashtag? Hollywood? Oprah? Please.

None of the above. It’s up to us. You and me and everyone who can look themselves in the mirror and face the truth.

Me? I’ve had it with ingrates, mediocrity, being kind to crap musicians ruining things for many who really have talent, and refuse to tolerate fools.

If I stay on social media, it’s to bring about some positive change. And if others want to come along for the ride, climb aboard. Time’s up. Not Hollywood type sanctimonious posturing, but time being up to DO instead of pointing out what’s going wrong with the world, cowering in anonymity and being spineless lemmings doing zero to bring about positive change.

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