By Hans Ebert

And awaaaaay, we go. Again. Yes, the Pakistan Circus continues with the “viral sensation” who’s now reached, or else has been reduced to “cult” status having another trial on his possible road to redemption. And that’s the keyword: Possible.

With that master horseman aboard, Joao Moreira gave Pakistan Star an easy time of things yesterday at Sha Tin, or knowing what the extremely interesting horse is capable of, HE might have chosen to give the Magic Man an easy time of things by jumping out to the front, deciding to then remain second behind stablemate Romantic Touch before going, “Screw it”, and winning easily enough.

What could be learned from this trial? That despite a slightly awkward looking head carriage, Pakistan Star won the trial? Was it in spectacular fashion? No. It was more workmanlike with there still being the feeling that he could have just as easily thrown it away and decided to go walkies to the nearest McDonald’s for some Chicken McNuggets, or decided to dig his heels in and screech to a halt or do cartwheels.

The 5-year-old Pakistan Star is a truly remarkable horse- a fascinating beast because of his temperament. He’s a loner. He’s a dude. He’s The Space Cowboy. Will he ever be a racehorse? The jury is still out on that one. We would love to have him in a race. But looking at him as a betting opportunity? Not with our money.

Did even having Monty Roberts aka “the horse whisperer” flown out here recently to try and get inside the head of Pakistan Star yield something in the way of grey matter? Many are none the wiser of what was learned. Perhaps there was nothing to learn other than sacking the horse’s original jockey Matthew Chadwick with whom he became a “viral sensation” might have been a little premature. One can’t help but wonder what the popular young local rider must be thinking of the sideshow still going on.

Of course there’s owner, an extremely nice gentleman, and longtime Hong Kong Belonger in Kerm Din, pictured below, to consider and the return on his investment.

Is he seeing a serious light at the end of the tunnel or just a flashlight being switched on and off? Again, we love this horse. He has character and he is a character. He’s no Winx, but one doubts that is a career priority for Pakistan Star. He no doubt has other plans. Like being a trapeze artist. The next James Bond. Winning a Grammy. He’s very possibly a horse never seen before and many of us can’t help loving him for that.

The night after the trial, the barman at a popular local meeting place was telling a group of us about how much character Pakistan Star and how he could be such a draw card at the races- even if he didn’t run.

One couldn’t help but mention how (trainer) Tony Cruz might perhaps be persuaded to get back in the saddle for perhaps an exhibition gallop. The barman loved the idea. “That’s cool, man!” he laughed. “I would take the day off to go see that!”

Why stop there? Why not The Pakistan Star Diaries? Pakistan Star: The Movie? Fifty Shades Of Pakistan Star? Or the Rap version- Fiddy Shades Of Pakistan Star?

With Pakistan Star, the HKJC just might be looking a gift horse in the mouth by having the best and most effective marketing “product” to bring some much needed buzz to the world of horse racing. Think about it. Seriously.

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