By Hans Ebert

Maybe there’s a need to feel that things are so bad there’s a need to do something about it. Or perhaps it’s some small thing that tells you there’s always hope at the next turn. That depending on maybe where you are in life, there’s a role for us to play even when it comes to something called horse racing.

As a music person, as someone in marketing, as a student of the arts, horse racing has led me down many corridors and avenues of dark and light. It’s been a place and space in time of many twists and turns and how to win, but not necessarily the way many think of the sport and winning.

Horse racing today is going through its usual ups and downs. Sometimes it goes sideways.

The sport also always has a resilience. It has its own pulling power. It is poetry in motion. It really is about the wind behind the feet of the world’s most beautiful animals. It’s spreading the news about everything that’s positive about the sport.

If in horse racing, we each have individual roles to play. We might play them differently. But when they all come together, it can be a crescendo of beauty, thundering hooves and latter day Knights of the Roundtable. We could be back in Camelot with Guinevere watching from afar.

Below are what’s fairly recently inspired me again about horse racing. It might not be much. But sometimes that’s more than good enough.

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