By Hans Ebert

Watching the recent spate of awards shows supposedly to acknowledge and celebrate the arts- films, film makers, actresses, actors- please, Natalie Portman, note that actresses were mentioned before actors- musicians, music etc etc, what one has been exposed to is a Hollywood made chain reaction of politics, sermons, self righteous indignation, and hashtags. What the hell was Hillary Clinton doing appearing at the Grammys? There’s Bruno Mars and then there’s Hills reading from the book “Fire And Fury”? Enormously stupid move.

Instead of taking a break from #MeToo and #TimesUp, these award shows have become another platform to pummel the senses with speeches and sideshows that often ring hollow as it is more of the same- the same old crocodile tears on the same background, the . same old same old with no answers, no solutions, and no answers to And now what? Time’s up is a nice enough term for a hashtag, and the message behind it, but surely it must be more? How is this hashtag and rah rah speeches from celebrities going to achieve what everyone hopes they achieve?

I’m most definitely in, people, but I don’t see where any of this is leading, There’s awareness and then there’s a need for action. Without action, it’s just hot air from angry people wanting change and repentance and talking about the same old things once again with sanctimonious posturing while forgetting how one has jumped from cause to cause and with silliness never questioned. If anything, this theatre of the absurd was promoted.

Has Queen Oprah EVER asked one of her besties in actor Tom Cruise about his role in Scientology? Or why his first wife actress Mimi Rogers quietly disappeared from sight with not even the usual tell all book?

Let’s not get into all the love Tom Cruise professed to Oprah after jumping on her couch for Katie Holmes, and how that marriage ended in the unhappy actress making a great escape with daughter Suri.

Getting back to these recent award shows, where is the celebration of the wonderful work being created today, which hopefully might bring us back to reality and free us from the shackles of thinking like sheep and “trending” with today’s herd mentality?

Sadly, especially with the dawning of the online world, Planet Earth has regressed to such a level of stupidity that aliens looking down on us must think, Is that a planet of lemmings?

What on earth has happened to individual thinking? It’s now all about sharing and belonging. Whereas there was the time when one wanted to hang out with the cool kids and hope some of this coolness rubbed off on you, it’s today become everything Lennon sang about in “Nowhere Man”- but with Nowhere Man having multiplied with inferior versions.

Sure on Twitter, on Facebook, there will always be those who will try to distance themselves from the rest of the social media rabble, but they’re easily found out and soon you know it’s time to shut the door on all the vapid talk as it’s meaningless- “engaging” with pseudonyms and those you will never want to meet because few have travelled outside of the twitterverse. What are you going to say when actually meeting them in the real world and without emojis for company? But this is the world we have created for ourselves and embraced and where there lies “influencers”. Who comes up with this rubbish? It’s very often fake numbers that are bought to gain attention.

For some of us, our teachers were books and poets and musicians and other magicians. They were who inspired and motivated us enough to set off on our own journey of discovery and meet those who came and went and the few who stayed because they were who mattered to our being. We married for the right reasons. The songs about change brought about change.

Today? Well, today, who the hell is out there with any substance and something new to say that hasn’t come from Mr Wikipedia, Doctor Google or Facebook and breaking “news” on Twitter? Trust any of this? It’s just more dumbing down of society.

You’re told Facebook is so yesterday and how you must be on Instagram. So, okay, you try it and quickly realise that this is not a life changing decision.

There are some interesting photographs of old Hollywood and examples of some wonderful art, but most of the time it’s selfies, and foodies, more self promotion and weekend philosophers dispensing their thoughts and advice. When you know these people to be lost souls unhappy with their lot in life, but too engaged on social media and trying to project a new, improved version instead of actually getting out there and REALLY changing things around for themselves and not for their “followers”, it’s just shuck and jive. If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny.

It’s like those who, when everything was traveling for them in an upward trajectory, reinvented themselves to be what they never could be. Never. Still, the show went on until everything faded to black.

With the economy and more choices having detonated many businesses, these same people are now talking about finding inner happiness and wishing to take a spiritual path. When things are going off the rails embrace the god person. Despite promoting this spiritual and more simple lifestyle, they still always return to the drawing power of the money cult and how this can buy you a slice of happily ever after. The hypocrisy is on overload.

As for those who are financially set for life, they become Oliver Twisted and Gordon Gekkoed and forget that you can’t take it with you. All those years making millions. For what? For families to squabble over after you’ve left for good? Maybe this is the punchline to life along with a bitingly honest headstone and obituary notice? Seriously now, how much is enough when you can no longer enjoy it?

Those in the UK tell you to come over as it’s where “everything is happening”. Get there and they have nothing going for them. Instead, you quickly realise you’re there to provide them with the fodder to constantly think of ways to tap you for a quid. It gets boring.

Sure, there’s some excellent young talent in the UK, but they’re usually surrounded by those with no A&R skills and who don’t know how to move careers forward. They still believe in record deals with a non recoupable advance when with Spotify finally under fire for copyright infringement, a new business model must take shape where nothing is free. Nothing.

You travel, but nothing is the same. Scandinavia can be fun, but the crime rate is up and it’s overrun by refugees seeking a new life by taking from others what doesn’t belong to them.

You meet up with an old friend in Paris and he’s still trying to sell gold but with no money to buy any and so depending on unknowns he’s met in the online world from South Africa and Brazil. The rest of the time he’s dating someone he’s never met on an online site for those looking for Russian brides. Guess he should never have dropped that tab of acid.

There’s always Australia, Singapore and Sri Lanka, each with their good points, but at the end of the day, it’s only about survival and talking to those who don’t inspire. Again, it becomes boring. The bottom line is that we’re sorely lacking in the inspiration needed for us to actually DO than just BE and think that this is as good as it gets. It’s not. Come on, Oprah. One more time.

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