By Hans Ebert

There’s a song that starts off, “It’s been building up inside of me for a long long time.” And the build up to bid a final Adieu to especially Facebook has been tremendous. It’s been about kicking any type of addiction and that weakness to feel needed.

No matter what anyone says, and no matter what its sudden surge of critics who actually helped create this make believe world where anybody can be somebody and are now furiously back pedalling and repenting for their sins in unleashing this torrent of addictive clutter on the world, it comes down to personal choice. And taking back my individuality with absolutely no need to “share” myself with those who only slow me down by taking up way too much of my time, I really needed to escape their irrelevance.

Do I really need to get into a conversation with some broken down Australian jockey living in Macau about American politics and who rants about The Facts According To Sean Hannity? See what I mean about expending energy in the wrong direction because of becoming lost in the nonsenseless clutter of it all? How on earth did we get to this point- this place and space that we are given, but don’t own and who we keep alive by feeding it free content? It’s The Little Shop Of Online Horrors screaming, “Feed me!”

Reality needs to make a comeback. Agents of real change need to be the new Stormtroopers where one MUST return to the courage of their convictions to create their own paths to wherever they’re going with no baggage, and instead, a gumbo of positivity and creativity and with no place for negativity. And like evil, negativity takes on many faces.

While having lunch with a writer earlier this week, he mentioned having successfully weaned himself off Facebook as one does every other kind of addiction. We’d both travelled down those same roads that led nowhere and where we had seen too many not end their journeys. Today, he’s a vegan, he’s exorcised everything that had been holding him back and is approaching life with a new passion, or else the same passion, but without the clutter of distractions. Huge respect.

After that lunch, there was another bout of internalising and wrestling with those marching in your head as whether to stay and pick up more strays along the way and get tripped up on the trivialities of those and things that are irrelevant. or else shut the door forever on all which is stopping one from creating. Really creating as opposed to having a “presence” on social media or the downright creepiness of those being on places like Facebook just to criticise what they don’t understand and thinking they’re being manipulative when they’re the ones being manipulated.

Once upon a bible, there was Cain and Abel. Nowadays there’s a free for all between anonymous foes and “sharing”, but what’s actually happening being the tearing down of too many things before they have time to breath and be something that could be. And we are allowing this to happen over and over again.

There’s not only a huge disconnect happening, extremely poor time management has crept in and choreographed the dumbing down of society, the lowering of standards and embracing mediocrity because so many have lost their way.

Wait: Many had nowhere else to go. Mark Zuckerberg and his controlling army of foot soldiers gave them an alternative life to lead on a Facebook page. Zuckerberg and Co should be arrested for crimes against society. But when there are so many willing to belong, neediness takes over.

There’s a reason why when it comes to music so many are suddenly going back to discover what has come before. Maybe it’s reality finally slapping them in the face? The smart pills have kicked in.

There’s also a reason why the Beatles, Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and every other great band or musician succeeded with nothing else other than their God given talents: Absolute belief in what they were creating.

Build it and if it struck the right chord with people, they came and were one’s greatest supporters.

These were the early settlers in music out to change the world. There was no need for algorithms and hashtags and the need to “boost” one’s popularity with fake everything to be noticed.

There was no need for constantly checking and double checking if followers had dropped off or whether one was still feeding the forty thousand of meaningless lost souls with nothing happening in their lives because they’d embraced this unnecessary evil where they’re made to believe they’re somebody when they’re actually nobody. It’s so much like The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. But here, it’s mind control, Batman with many having moved in to an online Gotham City without knowing it.

Now that my escape from Facebook has taken place and there’s no more need for a restless night’s sleep and dealing with mainly dullards and online psychobabble dribble, contact me through other means- if you haven’t been blocked from entering my space.

It’s all about being selective and the importance in realising that less is more and the need to prioritise the building blocks in order to move forward without bollocks and Wikipedia knowledge getting in the way.

There’s a new slate there. Create.

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