By Hans Ebert

Home is no longer where the heart is so the time has come to call it quits and follow that wanderlust. There’s now the final realisation that she’s left your life forever. Those days of looking back and thinking that maybe everything can be reversed and resolved are part of some very distant memory. Even if she were to return, it wouldn’t work. Both have changed and moved on forever. The delete button has been pressed. And so you move on not knowing on what square you will land.

The place that once held all your dreams has come and gone. Those dreams are now what you make out of every day and yourself. You can’t count on anyone anymore because too many have disappointed you and there’s no one left who can inspire, motivate and perspire you. There are only empty faces. Listen to what they have to say for a minute and you know there’s not much there. Probably very nice people, but nice can be bought and sold. There’s precious little honesty in nice. It’s as vacant as a motel sign. It’s as exciting as being told someone is interesting. You’re past all that.

You’re past being given advice because you know it’s not coming from the heart. That third eye can see through empty words. They ring sleepy hollow. You’d rather be with that roaring silence and see where this whirlwind of sound will take you. And it must be somewhere new because you’ve seen and heard it all before.

It’s now about restoring faith. It’s about rediscovering faith, hope and charity. It’s about diving into the great unknown and wanting that lady of the lake to carry you down to Atlantis or anywhere that’s not here. Definitely not here.

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