By Hans Ebert

An old friend called me the other day
It was to say his last goodbye
The song was starting its slow fade out
There was no happy ending in sight
He wanted to stay where he belonged
At home with wife and family
But they wanted him to move somewhere else
And end this journey peacefully

Sometimes you’re completely lost for words
These were one of those times
And you revisit everything you’ve been sold
But this time you see those tell tale signs
And all around are all the lonely people
Talking about their illustrious past
And all the millions they should have made
While drinking from that half ipty glass

Why try to live your life once again
Deal the hand that’s been given to you
There might be an ace hidden in the pack
Maybe the queen of diamonds kept it from view?

You come into this world all alone
Along the way diversions come into play
And then you leave for sleepy hollows
The cat no longer wants to play

I don’t understand just hanging on
All our heads are in different places
Some can stay and be happy forever
Others need to go through different phases

There’s a madman banging on the wall next door
My old friend feels so alone
He just wants to be with the love of family
Hope my friend Mark
finds his way back home
And he will.

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