By Hans Ebert

Often, it’s feeding evil more evil. It’s even creating new evil. Social media can be such a powerful medium for creating unity, but when the “sharing” degenerates into a regurgitation of the same news, it all becomes as vapid as every 24-hour showbiz “news” channel needing content to fill an entire day, and so pulverise the senses with repeat after repeat after repeat, where an audience is soon bogged down in quicksand. It stops progress. It stops the mind from switching gears. It stops new thinking and creativity. It becomes just another platform for wayward keyboard warriors to air their views, but, too often, transparently and shamelessly promoting themselves, or these days, offering some very naive political views. Seriously now, it’s all about free speech, but not when it comes from intellectual midgets.

The fact of the matter is that the genie is out of the bottle and no one- absolutely no one- knows what to do about it. And social media just dumbs everything down into vacuous sound bites from self-styled Facebook and Twitter prophets.

All the lonely people, where do they all come from? No idea, but many can be found on social media along with the Orange Julius in the White House tweeting his daily misguided rants.

More and more, media is another thick brick in the wall- another circus of clowns thinking that what they say matters. It matters fuck all as you, me, them, don’t have the power to change a damn thing. Adding to the murder of crows is not the answer. In fact, all this does is create a chain reaction of negativity that could be causing even more harm. Negativity leads to more negativity and an extremely depressed world.

Never have I seen such depressed people as I see today. It just might have to do with us on Overload and way too much time on our hands that we flit away by being non-productive.

Gone are the plans at the start of the day to write that song, or finish that poem, or make that short movie, or improve whatever needs improving. Come 10pm and one is either aimlessly hanging out with those whom you have nothing in common, or sitting with someone because misery loves company. One has to wonder if we have even lost the art of one-on-one conversation, and which has been reduced to 140 words or less and an assembly line of emojis.

The recent events in Manchester and London are not only shocking, they’re evil beyond belief. Yes, we must never give into fear, but the more this is said it almost becomes some “trending” global chant. It only fuels those who have unleashed this evil. It also gives those weak minds standing on the periphery and wondering which way to turn with an option. Social outcasts always need a home, and evil is open 24/7 for them to walk in and be welcomed with both arms. These are lost souls happy to be manipulated to become what others want them to be. This is how evil grows, multiplies and infiltrates peaceful daily lives. And us just stupidly “liking” something on social media isn’t helping with any answers.

I recently “liked” the random tweet below without thinking. I either wasn’t thinking or was else suffering from being dumbed down.

Thinking about it, I immediately “unliked” the tweet as it was petty. I wanted nothing to do with it. Why make fun of Chris Martin? Because he’s considered uncool? Because Noel Gallagher is so much more “real”? Give me a break. At least to me, Chris Martin exudes positivity- something in short supply.

We’re all in whatever’s going on together, but there’s also a need in the real world to either break away from the rabble or find those with whom one is comfortable and can add something positive to our lives.

Carrying those looking for a free ride ended almost two years ago for me, and so has communicating with those who bring nothing positive to the table. If this happens in real life, surely there’s a need to be even more selective in the online world, which is often led by the children and relatives of Eleanor Rigby?

For the past few months, I was thinking what might have happened if social media was around during the assassinations of JFK, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Robert Kennedy, the helter skelter killing spree of the followers of that madman Charles Manson, the killing at Altamont during that infamous Rolling Stones concert, the handwringing when John Lennon happened to mention that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, the murder of Lennon…

Think about it: The Beatles would probably have been slapped with a “travel ban” and seen their career short circuited, whereas there would probably have been civil war in America following the assassination of Dr King. #Blacklivesmatters would have happened decades earlier and changed America forever.

By the way, wasn’t Sirhan Sirhan who assassinated Bobby Kennedy a Palestinian? But back in the day, what did that mean? Today, however, historians are suggesting that the Sirhan Sirhan case was the start of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in America.

But maybe some of us are changing. Maybe there’s a division between the ranks. Maybe the oaf in the White House- a so-called reality star who has been elected to lead the United States Of America is proving that world leaders really cannot lead and have no solutions.

As Dylan sang, nobody’s right when everybody’s wrong. Perhaps now is Time Out to cut ourselves out of herd mentality and create our own destinies. Perhaps all this state of global confusion is a sign to start again with the basic principles of life and to do with honesty, facing up to home truths and not squandering this existence on who and what doesn’t matter. And if it’s only you that matters make yourself proud by doing something that makes you happy. Screw everyone and everything else and don’t follow leaders and watch your parking meters because we’re running out of time.

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