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Before I launch into all my excitements, I have to tell you we’ve moved to a whole new system. So if you are receiving this in error and you’ve already opted out of my emails – a thousand apologies, you can unsubscribe once and for all at any time using the link at the bottom of this mail… Either way you can download my Intimacy Playbook for free here if you haven’t already got it.


Welcome to a whole new world (for me) where I’m changing how I run my whole Evil Empire of workshops, music, films, mentoring, writing and sharing all the stuff that’s inspiring me…and sometimes challenging me…starting with my new website http://www.jamiecatto.com. Thank you for joining me here!

As we hit 2016 I want to focus, in my own life, on really getting things done. Beyond just having a great idea or intention, to get more seeds sprouting and growing healthily, both with my creative projects and my home life and relationships. I read a blog this week from Mark Manson whose stuff I really like, he’s a bit like me, offering his take on things and swearing a lot. His blog defined the difference between setting goals and creating good habits. His angle is that investing in good habits which will inevitably lead to the ever increasing production of the goals we want is the key – you can read his full blog post here.

It got me thinking about what I invest my time and energy into and my barriers to getting on with more creative stuff, writing and composing. I often get a kind of sinking feeling when it’s time to create and shy away from picking up the guitar or opening the laptop to write. What is that resistance all about? SO many creative people suffer from procrastination so I dropped into some space and wrote this about it on my blog.

This week I got right back into a few projects I’d been neglecting and gave an extra push to ones which are already underway. Duncan, my partner in 1 Giant Leap is a huge advocate of “going the extra mile”. I think the reason he always produces such amazing, nay, perfect music, is that he lovingly chips away at it and is always willing to go the extra mile. I chuckle as I remember a few sessions where he was more willing and intent on going the extra mile than the singer or player we were collaborating with 🙂

I’ve also been doing one more editing pass on my new book ‘INSANELY GIFTED – turn your demons into creative rocket fuel’. It has already been accepted as delivered by the wonderful publisher, Canongate, but I’ve gone through it again and am SO grateful I did! So many phrases and words I wanted to improve! What project or area could you go the extra mile on this month? It’s so so worth it. By the way, I’m showing you the new cover for the book in the link above, do let me know what you think (preferably in the form of compliments….)

I’ve also noticed how fulfilling I’m finding the mentoring and coaching side of what I do. Especially when I meet someone who really engages with me and wants to go deep into the twin trail of their life, working with both their journey out in the World and also how it’s mirrored in their inner challenges and curriculum as an evolving human. I want to give more emphasis to that side of what I’m up to.

The ACTION of building this new website has reminded me too how important it is for me to make more music and have it listened to by you. A few albums I’ve made like The Happening albums (sublime, imaginary film scores for movies that don’t exist), Aluta and The Mystics (the rootsy reggae album I always felt Lauryn Hill should have made) and Internal – Music For Dissolving, hardly anyone knows about these because I get so excited to make them but once finished, am never so excited to spend lots of energy getting them out there. (Yes we should have a dedicated manager for this, I know – is it you?) It really turns me on to finally have them up online here, please listen for free, enjoy and share away.

I’ve got tonnes more I want to share about, especially shooting with Ben Cole (DP of 1 Giant Leap) to complete my film with Ram Dass ‘Walking Each Other Home’, but maybe that’s enough for now. We’ll be jumping into inspiration and action in a very practical way in 2 weeks in London with my INSANELY GIFTED weekend workshop, and then loads of other workshops in London, Bath, Chester, Devon, Oxford, Bristol and Amsterdam over the next month or two….hope to see you and I’d really like to hear how your own projects are doing. We have SUCH a big network now of creators and manifestors, of which you are one, so let’s pool our resources more and support each others projects. The skillsets that spread through all of the people who have done workshops with me and who read this letter is immense!

Please hit reply to this email and message me direct, it all comes straight to me. I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions, creative projects, collaborations or news you have…

Onward we go!


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